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Welcome To Millkey Way Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Mary Millkey - Board Certified Pedodontist

Dr. Mary Millkey specializes in treating patients from infancy through their teenage years. She prides herself on building strong relationships with her patients and their families. Her outgoing and warm personality makes her patients feel comfortable and at ease. With Dr. Millkey, you’ll find the highest quality specialized care with the feel of a small town dentist.

Our office, as well as the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP,) the American Dental Association (ADA,) and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) all recommend establishing a “dental home” by the child’s first birthday. Why so early? As soon as your baby has teeth, he or she can get cavities.

Having their first visit at one year of age helps ensure that parents learn the tools they'll need to help their children remain cavity-free. This way, children grow up not being afraid of going to the dentist, and their care can be focused on prevention rather than restoration.

At Millkey Way Pediatric dentistry, Dr. Millkey will also care for your children's oral health through childhood, adolescence, and their teenage years. Our office is equipped to make patients of all ages feel comfortable and at home– from the littlest ones to the ones who are almost grown up! Each dental chair has a television mounted on the ceiling, so patients can relax while being treated!

If you have any questions or would like your children to be seen, please give us a call at (404) 254-0750.

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"For starters, you walk into the office and feel as if you are having an outer space experience, thus a play on the doctor's last name, Millkey - as in the Milky Way galaxy. Kids love this! My 5 year old daughter was completely put at ease about being in a dentist office because of the environment. It carries over into their work space as well. The front desk staff and the dental assistants are superb! They greet you with a smile on their faces and make you feel like you belong. The dental assistant became my daughter's new best friend. She helped her through getting fillings as if it was a fun walk in the park. Dr. Millkey is also a gem. She truly cares about her patients and does everything possible to make them feel comfortable and relaxed every step of the way. My daughter would fight about everything with the dentist at our last dentist, but not so with Dr. Millkey. Dr. Millkey rules her world. She is the best! They take most insurances and have very parent and child friendly hours, especially for those with school aged children. We love Dr. Millkey! She and her staff have changed our 5 year old's thoughts about dentists! It is now ok to go to the dentist!"

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